Devil May Cry (2013)

Over the last year or so, the gaming scene has seen a bunch of reboots of games from almost a decade ago. Max Payne 3 came 8 years after the second installment. Devil May Cry first came out in 2001 and was an instant hit among many gamers worldwide. It wasn’t until DmC 3 that the series really took off! DmC 4 came out in 2007 and then there was silence, until January, 2013. With Capcom publishing the game… made by Ninja Theory, DmC got a cold reboot this year and has been received surprisingly well. Using Unreal Engine, the game is an awesome experience with a deep combat system and some insane artwork!


There has been considerable controversy surrounding the ‘look’ of the new Dante. In previous DmC games, Dante was a white-haired dude who looked like he dropped out of a Final Fantasy universe by mistake. Now, some gamers complain, that Dante looks too “emo” and not badass-enough to fight the evil baddies like Mundus! The last time we checked, a character’s look was ancillary to the actual gameplay experience. Yes, it is important in setting the mood of the game and carrying the story line. Yet, to expect that to weigh so much on a game’s worthiness is simply foolish in our opinion. DmC is a game that you can pick up and have fun with for an hour or two and go about your day. It is not like TES Skyrim where you get so immersed in the characters, surroundings, and story that the look and feel of the character is paramount to enjoying the actual game. We, at ThirtyIR, love the reboot of DmC.


The combat system is truly an exciting experience and Capcom never fails in that department. After all, they are the company that published the most hallowed fighting games of all time including Street Fighter and the Marvel games. With that kind of experience, Ninja Theory got the fun factor just right. The story of DmC is utter crap. That’s the point. Jude0-Christian mythology abound, DmC delves into the world of “angels” and “demons” and puts you in the driver’s seat of a half-breed ‘nephilim’, Dante.


The protagonist has forgotten his childhood and the adventure of DmC is to figure out where he came from and what happened that led to this “mess”. In Dante’s quest to stop the uber-demon Mundus from ruling the world, he hacks and slashes his way through a variety of demon baddies that range from small and annoying to the truly large and terrifying.


At ThirtyIR, we were able to play DmC in both NVidia Surround @ 5160×2560 as well as on a single monitor! With all settings maxed out, the Uber Rig was able to chomp through the game with ease – we were hitting 200+ FPS without V-Sync so we naturally turned that on to avoid any potential screen-tearing issues. Since DmC is primarily a 32-bit, DX9 game, the GTX-680 Classifieds in 4-Way SLI had no issues at all. The graphics in the game are superb and so coupled with great combat mechanics, DmC is a must play for gamers of all stripes!





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