The Uber Rig

The Uber Rig is the beast on which we demolish any game we play! Starting with a heart-stopping 3x Dell U3011 monitor set-up for nVidia Surround back in 2011, the Uber Rig is able to utilize its equipment to near its full capacity while playing games or encoding/rendering 4K, 5K, and 8K videos! Playing at 8100×1600 pixels or 5160×2560 pixels will do that to your hardware; after all, it’s only 12,960,000 – 13,209,600 pixels! The Uber Rig…

was a carefully thought out monster of a machine that will play any game thrown at it for several years to come. In 2013 – 2014, the Uber Rig was upgraded to a mind-boggling Quad Titan GPU setup – 4x EVGA GTX-Titan SC & 4x GTX-Titan Black SC in 4-Way SLI along with the world’s first 4K Surround monitor setup – 3x Dell UP2414Q – at a resolution of 6480×3840 (3×1 Portrait Surround)!

In early 2015, the Uber Rig saw a major upgrade – X99! With the beautiful ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard, some 32GB 3000Mhz Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM, and the gorgeous 5K IPS monitor from Dell – the Dell UP2715K, the Uber Rig stood out completely from the rest of the pack! The Uber Rig now uses a 4K IPS monitor as an accessory display (Dell P2715Q)!

Towards the end of March, 2015, NVIDIA released their flagship GM200 GPU – the GTX TITAN X. Of course, the Uber Rig was upgraded again – this time with FOUR (4) GTX TITAN X in 4-Way SLI running at a whopping 1454Mhz / 8112Mhz! That is a fantastic ~45% overclock compared to the stock clocks of 1006Mhz / 1076Mhz (Boost). For a short period in-between, the Uber Rig had 2x EVGA GTX-980 K|ngP|n GPUs in SLI running on the 4K monitor. This, however, didn’t last long as the GTX TITAN X overshadowed the K|ngP|n GPUs in every regard!

In the beginning of June, 2016, the Uber Rig got a heart-transplant; the amazing i7 5960X was swapped with the monstrous 10-core / 20-thread i7 6950X! Around the same time, the Uber Rig had 4x GTX 1080 Pascal GPUs for a short time before going with 2x GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition cards since anything more than 2-Way SLI is supposed to be gimped. Supposed to be…

Enter August 2nd, 2016 – the Uber Rig was updated yet again with 4x GTX Titan X Pascal GPUs (12GB) that were overclocked to 2025 Mhz / 11300 Mhz in 4-Way SLI! ThirtyIR is the first YouTube channel to have 4-Way SLI with the GTX Titan X Pascal GPUs (or any Pascal GPUs)!

When April 2017 came around, Nvidia released their “updated” Titan Xp (Pascal) GPUs – the Uber Rig was of course updated to include those GPUs and with the i7-6950X, it was an absolute monster.

The Uber Rig also used a Titan V when it was released for a while until the Turing Titan RTX GPU was released. Since the release of the Titan RTX, the Uber Rig has been using 2x of those GPUs in SLI/NVLink up until the release of the Ampere GPUs!

As of November 2020, the UberRig now has 2x NVIDIA RTX 3090 Founders Edition GPUs in SLI! The Ampere GPUs, specifically the RTX 3090 FE i.e. the BFGPU, are ‘thicc’ and take up to 3-slots per GPU!

The latest iteration of the Uber Rig is a veritable monster – updated as of November, 2020 – read below to find out more!

The chronology and metamorphosis of the Uber Rig is as follows:

Version 1:

Some of the benchmarks we have run at Thirty Inch Reviews on the Uber Rig include 3DMark 11, 3D Mark Vantage, Unigine Heaven 3.0, and Cinebench R11 x64.

See the results for yourself!



Version 2:



Version 3:



Version 4:



Version 5:



Version 6:



Version 7:



Version 8:



Version 9:


Version 10:

‘Version 10’ is the most current specification of the Uber Rig!

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