Crysis 3 – Wallpaper

Arguably the greatest looking game of the modern era, Crysis 3 is a technological marvel! On the Uber Rig, running the game maxed out was a visual treat like no other. Developed by Crytek, Cevat Yerli and his team have exceeded the expectations of Crysis fans around the world! Combining the jungle-like atmosphere from the first Crysis to the urban jungle of Crysis 2, the third installment brings together brilliant…graphics, exciting gameplay, and pushes the boundaries of graphics technology like no other game on the market currently. The review is coming soon but here’s an ultra-high resolution wallpaper to sate your Crysis 3 fix!

There are three sizes to choose from: 5160×2560, 2560×1600, and 1920×1080.

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