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Thirty Inch Reviews is a unique website that brings you reviews of some of the best games for the PC played on one of the best gaming rigs ever; the Uber Rig. By showing the world the limits of graphics performance, first with 4x GTX-580 Classified 3GB 4-Way SLI, and now with 4x GTX-680 Classified 4GB 4-Way SLI coupled with the best X79 CPU on the market, the Intel … i7 3970X overclocked to 4.5Ghz, and gameplay with 3 30″ monitors (Dell U3011), 30 Inch Reviews brings the best of the gaming experience to your eyes.

It is rare enough to come across reviews of games played at high settings on one 30″ monitor, but to see 3 30″ monitors being used at a resolution of 7680×1600 – 8100×1600 (bezel-corrected) in landscape mode and 4800×2560 – 5160×2560 (bezel-corrected), is only possible here at ThirtyIR.com! Certain games cannot even run at such high resolutions and the hardware required to push almost 13 million (12.96MP) pixels per second  in landscape mode and more than 13 million (13.2MP) pixels per second in Portrait mode, is no joke. So, it amply evident as to why 30 Inch Reviews brings a fresh, unique, and Uber perspective to gaming in general but PC gaming in particular!

Apart from seeing the awesome reviews of incredible games such as Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City, L.A.Noire, etc. you can view the gallery of ultra high resolution pictures, download wallpapers for your desktop, and watch HD movies of many of the latest and greatest games being played at the highest possible settings on the Uber Rig.

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