Bulletstorm – Gore Fest!

Bulletstorm is a sci-fi FPS game that was really underrated and somewhat overlooked by the gaming community. It is one of those games that is a hidden gem because it is simply just a lot of fun to play! With an outlandish theme, awesome weapons including an electric leash (you read that right!), and some of the fugliest enemies you’ve ever come across, Bulletstorm is a great pick up shooter that’s fun to play alone (story mode) and also with friends (multiplayer).

At Thirty Inch Reviews, we care only about one thing; will a game run decently well on the Uber Rig? And the answer when it comes to Bulletstorm is: ABSOLUTELY! This game works great in nVidia Surround mode at 5160×2560 (with FoV adjustments floating around online) and with all the settings maxed out including 4x MSAA! Bulletstorm looks epic and plays great!

We’ll let the videos and the gallery do the talking!




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